Carpet Cleaning Dubai

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The carpet cleaning industry is one which thrives in many countries where dust, sand and storms are prevalent. Although such conditions are common in developing countries where cleanliness and general sanitary environment is not maintained, the carpet and rug cleaning industry thrives in even developed countries like the United Arab Emirates. Due to the proximity to the desert of cities like Dubai and Sharjah, sandstorms and dust can often lead to subtle layers of dirt gradually piling up on indoor as well as outdoor furniture and upholstery. As such, many professional companies have sprung up over the years which specialize in the proper cleaning and caring of carpets, mats and rugs etc.

Of course, the need to hire professional carpet cleaners staff to detoxify our carpets of all the dirt and germs gathered in it arises from the fact that regular people living in most residential areas lack the knowledge as well as the equipment needed to clean carpets adequately. Yes, many own vacuum cleaners; however, a vacuum cleaner, though does a pretty good job in removing all dust particles (depending on the quality and power of the vacuum cleaner), has its own cons as well. For one thing, using a vacuum cleaner requires effort and is time consuming. For many residents of Dubai, it is not possible for them to take out the time necessary to properly and patiently clean their carpets, especially if they have carpeted floors and big rooms as well as big houses. For another, not every household has a vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, a vacuum cleaner does not remove the bacteria and other allergens which may have accumulated over time. These can come from a variety of sources. Human feet, furs of pet dogs or cats, oil fumes from cooking in houses and all these compounds mixing with dirt can often produce grime which makes carpets sticky, rough, hard and take away their luster and softness as well. Therefore, it is highly advisable to regularly have your carpets cleaned; once after every three months is a must at least, since otherwise it is highly unhygienic for those using the carpets, especially for crawling babies and children who regularly play on carpets.

Thus professional carpet cleaners  in Dubai use high quality equipment as well as chemical cleaners which do not damage the material of rugs and carpets (at least, the good companies do). Companies usually offer a variety of cleaning services, like dry cleaning and deep cleaning, with varying steps and techniques. Rates and prices also vary depending on the type and place of rugs and carpets, for example, it depends whether we are talking about home carpets, office rugs or hotel carpeting. Also, rates can either be per unit area or per room if the carpeting is done from wall-to-wall. When hiring carpet cleaning services, you need to decide what suits you.