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Located between the interchanges 5 and 6 of Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, opposite to the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, International City is a relatively new mixed-use settlement located in the Al Warsan area of Dubai. Buildings in the area range from commercial and residential to retail and tourism development.

In an aim to show diverse architectures, International City has laid out repeating patterns called clusters, which symbolize various architectural styles of different countries. Architecture from countries like Russia, Spain, Italy, Spain, France, Persia, Greece, Morocco, China, England, and Emirates is found. The settlement has around 480 apartment buildings in the nine different residential districts and Central Business District. On the positive side, rents here are relatively low as compared to other localities of Dubai, as the apartments here are aimed at providing housing and space for low to middle-income people. The clusters surround the Central Business District. Business District has grander apartments than those found in other districts. These apartments also have amenities such as pools and fitness centers.The retail area in the business district is modeled on the replica of China’s Forbidden City. Chinese Dragon Mart has almost 4000 shops and is the center of attraction for all the residents and visitors alike.

It is a 15-20 minutes’ drive from the Dubai International Airport, 25-30 from Dubai Marina, 25-30 from the Mall of the Emirates, and approximately an hour and a half from Abu Dhabi. It is served by 4 service routes but has no metro connection. Despite the good points, it is considered isolated as it is at a distance from other settlements.