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About Sharjah:

Sharjah, the third most significant emirate in terms of population in the UAE, boasts a population of 1.4 million people. The population primarily consists of expatriates while the city also boasts an Emirati population bigger than that of Dubai. Located northern part of Dubai, Sharjah is usually known as the arty little brother of Dubai. Unlike Dubai, the population here’s more close-community. Basically, it’s probably the most traditional of the seven emirates and needs a dressing code that doesn’t display obscenity according to Islamic norms.

The most important tourist attraction of the city is the Sharjah Souq, that is frequented by individuals from all over the UAE. Sharjah is additionally known for free or low-cost entry to museums, galleries, and other entertainment sites. Sharjah is furthermore the place to find some top class sporting facilities with Sharjah Cricket Stadium holding many location records such as most Eventually International hosted at a venue. Equestrian and Racing Club is additionally internationally recognized. Multiple universities and international institutions have discovered their campuses in Sharjah.

The most common residential areas of Sharjah are the Al Falj and Halwan, that have 4 bedroom villas. Corniche Apartment area and the more recent districts next to Muweilah School district are also gathering popularity in the real estate market. As the third biggest emirate also in the terms of area, Sharjah boasts large spots of the desert, accessibility to the Hajar Mountains and Korkafran on the Coast of Gulf of Oman.

Sharjah while providing affordable housing and cheaper expenses has fallen prey to a big obstacle, the traffic congestion problem. This makes it impossible at times to move on the main arteries at peak time.

What do we offer?

House Cleaning Service

A clear house ouse is essential for the well-being of the entire family. A filthy home is often a germy house that causes various health risks. Therefore, the best defense is to keep those germs washed off to avoid the spread of illnesses among your loved ones.

Floor Cleaning Service

Slip accidents primarily take place whenever the flooring surfaces are polluted and quite often turn out to be deadly too. To avoid such mishaps, we should always make sure that our floors are neat and dust free

  • Move in-out cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning

  • Garden & outdoor cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning service

  • Window cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Hospital cleaning

  • School cleaning

  • Construction cleaning

  • Marble polishing services