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Ajman is a port city catching buzz for its shopping and eating. The city has a different sort of feel to it primarily due to the small size of the population, this leads to a more intimate feeling rather than the hustle and bustle of larger cities. The creek forms a major center point of attraction in the city. Despite being in the desert terrain UAE, Ajman has an agricultural area by the name of Masfout which is considered an important source of local produce in the area.

Visitors while entering Ajman come across the entrance which is patterned on an ancient watchtower, followed by the cities port. Another important landmark is the Etisalat tower which is designed in a typical mosque style with turquoise color and pink hues. Although from very humble beginnings, Ajman has recently caught the eye and clean wide roads bear testament to that. Old waterfront area, Beach Rock Road, Dhow Yard are still among the important tourist sites of the city. In recent years, Ajman has been seen on emerging tourist radar in the emirates with five-star resorts beings developed having large hotels and shopping centers. It is already home to a large number of national and international retailers and is still expanding. All the basic amenities such as banks, restaurants, cafes, community centers, and sporting facilities have sprung up all over Ajman.

Although still a long way from Dubai, Ajman has taken steps in the positive direction and is expected to make a name for itself very soon in the regional sphere.