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Sofas, settees, chairs and couches, all come under the vast and varied umbrella of upholstery, and we at Spotless Cleaning, are excellent at that as well. Sofa cleaning is one of our fortes in upholstery services. When we are dealing with couches and sofas of variable sizes and weights, our experienced and skilled workers know their craft well. We charge on variable rates, aiming to suit our customers’ flexible needs. We offer a number of segmented service needs which cover various aspects of sofa cleaning, including but not limited to, cushion and couch foam replacement, shampooing or dry cleaning, narrow or fine nozzle spraying, fabric softener and lightener, and for leather works, polishing agents.

We understand that sofas and couches are regularly used home items, which need to be in the most presentable form since they are usually reserved for seating guests. This, coupled with the fact that sofas offer a leisurely place to stretch, relax and read a novel, warrants special attention to them when using chemical agents. Spotless Cleaning understands that using hazardous or non-biodegradable agents can lead to rashes or allergies to develop in the people having direct or indirect skin contact with the fabric of sofas. Hence we ensure that the chemical agents we use are environment friendly after rigorous testing. Our fabric softeners and fragrance injectors are meticulously selected to strike a balance between quality, safety and cost.

Our dedicated workers have a mindset of staying up-to-date about the recent technologies and equipment being used in the sofa cleaning industry in Dubai and other developed countries. We at Spotless Cleaning believe that knowledge is infinite and there is always something new to learn. Our cleaners, therefore, first make an initial visit to your homes (only if you’d opt for preliminary checking of course) and ascertain the extent of cleaning needed by your sofas. Oftentimes, sofas only need mild cleaning to brighten up their fabrics and sometimes soften them as well. These can be achieved using simple vacuum cleaners and some mild agents. Of course, the cleaning outcome also depends on the person handling the equipment and the cleaning agents. You wouldn’t want an amateur to make a mess with your sofas. When a couch is extremely worn out, stains solidified over a lengthy period and the fabric roughened out, it is occasionally the job of the expert cleaner to use delicate agents and brushes to skillfully clean out the seemingly irremovable dirt.

So do not hesitate to contact us. We promise you that you will never think about hiring any other company for your sofa cleaning ever again.